Pairs of People

A Book on Multiplying Goodness

​In this lively, vibrant, and inspiring follow-up to the Christopher Award-winning book 10 Hidden Heroes, New York Times bestselling author Mark Shriver and his wife Jeanne Shriver help children learn about the power of numbers and how working together can make the world a better place. Pairs of People makes math fun and meaningful by showing how our service to others multiplies when people pitch in together.

The whimsical, rhyming text and colorful artwork from award-winning artist Laura Watson inspire discussion on such topics as friendship, leadership, and camaraderie while illustrating the basic concepts of multiplication.


​Independent Book Awards Winner, Childrens Educational, 2023
Independent Book Awards Distinguished Favorite, Book Cover Design Childrens Picture Book, 2023

Pairs of People

$19.99 | 978-0-8294-5485-7
Hardcover | 9 x 11 | 32 pages

Pairs of People is a fun, joyful celebration of friendship, community, and diversity that shows kids how teamwork can bring people together to make a difference in their communities. Reading this interactive book is not only fun but it also empowers our kids to know that no matter how old they are or how big or small the act is, pairing up for change makes our world a better place.

– Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt

Written by a great pair who do a pair of wonderful things in this delightful children's book: First Mark and Jeanne highlight the power of working together to help others, and then they manage to sneak in some math! We're hoping Brad will finally learn his multiplication tables now!

– Kim Williams-Paisley and Brad Paisley

I am delighted to celebrate a new children's book, Pairs of People written by my brother Mark and his wonderful wife, Jeanne! It is a vibrant, whimsical, and fun read-aloud that celebrates the power of working together to help others. Pairs of People is a book that can change a child's life today, tomorrow, and beyond. I can't wait to read it with all the little ones in my life. Congratulations, Jeanne and Mark!

– Maria Shriver, journalist

Mark and Jeanne Shriver's rollicking, engaging, Pairs of People, will have your little ones cozying up to count by two—and jumping up to help their neighbors. I can't wait to share and read aloud this treasure of a book!

– Jennifer Garner, actress and producer

Pairs of People is an amazing illustration of what can be accomplished when people work together! The beautiful illustrations provide unlimited opportunities for adults and children to engage in rich conversations about helping others. The unique and fun way that math is included in the book makes learning fun. Pairs of People is a great book for pre-school, kindergarten and early elementary classrooms.

– Debra S. Beeler, Director, Hoosier Uplands Children's Services

Inviting others to engage in service work, Pairs of People is an inspiring picture book that celebrates community spirit, friendship, and the joy of helping others.

– Clarion Reviews

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About the Authors


Author of the Christopher Award-Winner 10 Hidden Heroes, Mark K. Shriver is president of Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School and is Chief Strategy Officer at Save the Children Action Network in Washington, D.C. Shriver created the Choice Program and is a former Maryland state legislator. He is the author of Pilgrimage: My Search for Pope Francis and the New York Times best-selling memoir, A Good Man: Rediscovering My Father, Sargent Shriver.

Jeanne Shriver lives in Bethesda with her husband, Mark. After working for Merrill Lynch and American Express, she left the corporate world after 10 years to raise their three children. She has served on several non-profit and independent school boards and is an active volunteer for several non-profits in her community.