Every Day Is a Holiday

A heart-warming tale for children about a playful puppy that arrives on a shelter's doorstep and the thoughtful process six year old Allie follows in choosing the perfect name.

Every Day is a Holiday

$19.99 | 978-0-8294-5699-8
Hardcover | 8 x 10 | 40 pages

About the Author

​Greg Kincaid grew up in rural eastern Kansas, where his best memories include reading, writing, and wandering the countryside with his dogs at his side. These childhood pursuits endured even throughout his professional career as a lawyer, culminating in the writing of four popular books about dogs, two of which, A Dog Named Christmas and Christmas with Tucker, were made into Hallmark movies. Greg lives in Kansas with his wife Mia, where they spend most weekends riding their bikes or tromping down local trails with Greg’s granddaughter, Allie.