What is 4U2B?

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Children have been asked this question for generations. Typical answers from little kids often include roles they see in daily life, like firefighter, veterinarian, or ballet teacher. For older children the answers are usually more aspirational and specific: marine biologist, plumber, astronaut, or video game developer. And yet we know this question, when considered more deeply, goes far beyond that of naming a career. As they mature, our youth continue to face the existential question of “Who am I, and who do I want to be?”

What do we as adults want our children to “be” when they grow up?
That is the genesis of the name for 4U2B Books & Media.
We wish “for you to be” joyful, happy, and healthy.
We wish “for you to be” secure, balanced, and brave.
We wish “for you to be” wise, honest, and accountable.
We wish “for you to be” bold, passionate, and authentic.
We wish “for you to be” inclusive, compassionate, and fair.
And at 4U2B, we believe this is who you are meant to be—when you grow up.

About the Publisher


Award-winning publisher, author, and editor Joellyn Cicciarelli hails from a small town in southwest Michigan. Her dad was a superintendent of schools, and her mom stayed home to raise her and her four siblings. Her Midwest upbringing was foundational in her successful career in publishing, which included becoming personal editor for Fred Rogers producing his longest-running book series for pre-K through 8th grade teachers, Grow and Learn with Mister Rogers. Before Joellyn was hanging on the set of Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, she was an elementary school teacher, and in fact was named teacher of the year in the second largest school district in California. Her passion for helping improve the lives of children has been the driving force in her career, giving birth to many curriculum products, books, and learning systems. Now publisher and president of 4U2B Books & Media, she continues to broaden her reach in serving children and the adults who care for them. Joellyn loves jogging, cross-country skiing, and watching her husband play in his country band. They have two children, ages 21 and 26, and a 16-year-old Havanese dog named Mambo.

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